Thursday, October 29, 2009

Day 5 in Sydney

My last day in Sydney.. I went over to Nicholas' place to drop my luggage in the morning.. Then Nicholas brought me to Boulangerie to taste their famous tarts..

Their strawberry tart is really really delicious!

We walked along Oxford Street..

And dropped by UNSW where Nicholas studies..

It was rather cold and windy on that day..

The university is nice, except for having too many stairs.. but, it is good to 'force' students to exercise :P

In the evening, I flew to Melbourne on Tiger Airways, to catch my return flight to Kuala Lumpur on MAS ;)

Guess what? Yup, after I checked into Melbourne airport, I was 'randomly' selected to go for further inspection to check for explosives AGAIN! Yup, guess I do look like a terrorist!

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