Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2010

Simon, my sister and I joined Penang Bridge International Marathon (PBIM) 2010 on November 21. We took part in the 10km men/ women run. Simon and I received our race kit earlier.

My sister went to collect her race kit a day before the marathon, in front of Queensbay Mall.

Compared to the other marathons I've particitpated in, the race kit is quite pathetic - with only a top, two packets of analgesic cream, New Balance discount voucher, Fitness Concept trial membership and medication - all in a single small bag. However, I believed most of the prizes go to the ones who really deserve the prizes - the ones who were the first few to complete the race! RM15,000 cash prize for the first man to complete full marathon, RM8000 to first runner-up, RM4500 to third runner-up, and so on :)

Thanks to my mom for waking up early to prepare breakfast for us. My mom then sent us to Queensbay Mall at 6:00am. We started the race about 10 minutes late and we have never trained for the 10km run/ walk. I am the weakling slowing down Simon and my sister... LOL!

Despite the fact that we were already slow, we couldn't resist taking pictures on the bridge. :)

We managed to complete 10km walk/ run in 1 hour 40 minutes.. (well, since we started 10 minutes late, shall I say, we completed the walk in 1 hour 30 minutes. LOL)

The newspaper published that many complained for not reaching the airport in time due to road closure (on Penang Bridge). But there was announcement on all media, road signs everywhere that Penang Bridge would be closed from 1:00am till 10:00am since weeks, if not months ahead. Which idiot chose to blame the organiser, seriously? In fact, I paid for this run months ahead. If I were to book air ticket, I would be damn sure to avoid the ONLY day (Sunday) the bridge is closed to traffic. Duh!