Wednesday, March 04, 2009

ADV: Penang Asam Laksa Paste

With the brand of TalentCook, TalentCook is proud to produce the Penang Assam Laksa Paste. TalentCook Penang Assam Laksa Paste enables you to enjoy your favourite Penang Assam Laksa right in your own kitchen. You can now create something fantastic with little efforts. Convenient and easy to use.

TalentCook Penang Assam Laksa Paste is extremely versatile and creatively helping the Laksa lovers to enjoy the desired meal through most effective, convenient and easy way without compromising its original great taste. It has maximum flexibility. You can creatively apply the paste to prepare the meal that you desire and adjust the taste to the optimized level you like the most. It prepares you a tangy-sweet-sour-spicy taste which is harmoniously blended.

In order to enable the customer to enjoy and march towards healthy lifestyle, Talentcook Penang Assam Laksa Paste is produced without adding in MSG, preservatives, artificial colouring & flavouring. All ingredients use for process is combination of authentic fresh vegetables and variety of spices. Furthermore, they are low caloric healthy food and hygienically processed.

TalentCook offering 2 types of Penang Assam Laksa Paste:

1. LAKSOUP - Suitable to prepare soup type dishes.
E.g. Penang Assam Laksa
Laksa Soup Base Steamboat
Spicy Tamarind Soup (with fish/seafood)
Popiah @ Assam Laksa Soup
Dong-Fen / Noodle/ Bihun with Laksa Soup & etc.

2. LAK-Special - Suitable to prepare steam, fry and marinate type of dishes.
E.g. Laksa Spaghetti
Laksa Fried Noodles/Rice/Bihun
Laksa Steamed Fish
Marinate & Fried Prawn
Laksa Bun Filling
Laksa Baked Fish & etc.

Enjoy TalentCook Penang Assam Laksa with your loved ones and family anytime and anywhere.

How to order?

Q : How can I order TalentCook products if I'm not living in Malaysia?
A : You can order TALENTCOOK Penang Assam Laksa Paste directly from their Website. They will be happy to ship their products to you. However, the shipping fees will be charged separately.

How much? Check with TalentCook or their distributors for the price per packet (Serving: 3 to 4 pax per packet)

What is the minimum order?

If you are buying in small quantity, try to contact their distributors at or (advertised on top-right corner)

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