Monday, May 04, 2009

Malacca Trip

I've been to Malacca a couple of times but my mom claimed that she hasn't been there for decades! So, when my parents visited me during Labour Day weekend, Simon and I brought them to Malacca.. We thought most of the people would have gone back to their hometown on the night of April 30.. We thought wrong.. It took us more than 4 hours to get to Malacca from KL.. more than double the usual time required..

We bumped into Chee Choon and his family in Malacca.. what a pleasant surprise! :)

Church built in 1753..

My lovely parents..

My mom was brave enough to stand next to me when I snapped a couple of pictures with the white python for RM5.00.. Too bad she didn't dare to hold it (thus, I have no chance to comb my messy hair -_-").. Simon and my dad were too 'chicken' to get near us :P

My mom screamed and ran away when the python stared at us.. Let's call the white python Xiao Bai.. I wanted to kiss Xiao Bai but it stuck out its tongue.. it's pretty long.. and I'm not ready for french kiss..

The four of us on a trip! :)

One of their decorated trishaws.. partially sponsored by Digi to carry their advertisements.. playing latest English songs on the chart..

My dad thought it would cost about RM3.00 to take a ride.. my mom argued it must be at least RM20.00.. in fact.. it was RM40.00 per hour -_-"

My parents examining a cannon..

I had sun burn on my face after I returned from Malacca.. -_-" I guessed SPF20 is not enough -_-"

We went to nearby tourist attractions under hot hot sun..

There was a monk "asking" for donation at St. Paul's Church.. in fact, it was more like "forcing".. when I refused, he scolded me -_-"

In 1952, a statue of St. Francis Xavier was built to commemorate the passing of the saint. Originally, the statue was completely constructed with the right arm in place. However, on the morning after the consecration ceremony, a large casuarina tree fell on it and broke off the right arm, resulted in a statue with missing arm until today.

One of the tombstones and I.. -_-"

Uh oh, Simon broke the tombstone -_-"

That's Menara Taming Sari (Ngeow, 2009).. It has revolving observation cabin.. but we can still see the view at St. Paul's Church.. if we want revolving view, then we only need to walk aorund the church :P It's free of charge this way :P

We went for a walk at Jonker Street.. and saw a long queue for a particular shop which appeared on Ho Chiak TV programme before..

This is what they served at Mam Jonker 88..

Too lazy to wait in line, we didn't try the food at this shop.. we went to a deserted restaurant down the street but it was still quite alright (although the service is really slow)..


^ReGiNe^ said...

cheryl.. u where got timid? U are brave enough to play with "xiao bai"!! I'm so scared~~~~

I feel... those places u went.. I think I never go b4 or i have forgotten... XD

Cheryl Wong said...

Har? U went to Melaka but never visit those red buildings or go to Jonker St?? Then what did u do there? Hehehe...:P