Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day 1 in Sydney

I flew to Sydney on Tiger Airways..

When I was at the boarding gate, as usual, I was randomly selected to go for further inspection to check for explosives.. (because I look like a terrorist).. After me, a Chinese guy was randomly selected to go through the same inspection..

Then, an African was randomly selected.. RANDOM my *ss! 80 percent of the time I flew domestic flights in Australia, I was always the lucky one to be chosen for further inspection! It's the same 6 years ago, it's the same 6 years later!

I reached Sydney and YC picked me up from the airport :)

We went to Chinatown to look for YC's gf (Nan Nan)..

Then, we went into a Japanese restaurant to have our dinner :) The food is quite alright but nothing spectacular, still delicious :)

Then, they brought me to Darling Harbour to check out the night view..

YC and I :) YC is actually my brother's friend.. LOL!

Night view is spectacular.. can't wait to snap pictures during daytime as well! :) Will be meeting up with Nicholas (ex-coursemate) tomorrow to visit the city ;)

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