Sunday, October 18, 2009

Day 3 in Melbourne

Finally, it's the weekend! I woke up at 8:00am and went to the city with Esther. I'm happy I still remember some of the places.. First stop, Queen Victoria Market.. where we bought lots of souvenirs :P

On the way to the state library, we passed by La Trobe University..

Partial roof? Yet another design on the pavement..:)

The State Library of Victoria!

We passed by one of the RMIT departments along the way..

Next stop, Lygon Street! Lygon Street is one of the great food precincts of Melbourne. It has its origins in the early immigration of Italian migrants to Melbourne. We passed by Victorian Trades Hall on the way..

Lygon Street is closed (inaccessible by cars) because of the Cycling Festival..

I invited Bennie (my ex-course mate) out to lunch and he suggested Cafe Corretto at Lygon Street.

Salmone (pasta) recommended by Bennie is really delicious.. The three of us shared pasta and pizza :)

Later, Bennie dropped us at St. Paul's Cathedral..

We took pictures in front of Flinders Street Station..

In front of Federation Square.. watching street performance..

Head towards Yarra River..

Enjoying the view of the city from the other side of the river..

Then 3 Aussies insisted that we take a picture of them -_-"

We went into Crown Casino, then walked over to Melbourne Aquarium..

Later, we were told that it costs AUD50 for 15 minutes ride on the carriage! -_-"

We walked pass Chinatown.. well, it's a very small Chinatown :P

Sat down and ate my favourite Mango Gateau.. I last ate it 3 years ago.. kinda miss it.. It's the bakery next to Yoyogi near Flinders Street Station :)

Esther left around 6:00pm as she was too tired to continue to walk.. I then met up with Jia Kai (My Monash senior) and Xiao Rong for dinner at a Mongolian Restaurant..

AUD20 per person, eat all you can ;) I ate lots of thin slices of meat! Beef, lamb, pork, chicken etc..

We wanted to head to Max Brenner's but it was too packed..

Later, the three of us met up with another of my Monash senior (Felix Tan) - Jia Kai's friend as well. Felix was the one who found a place for me to rent back in 2003. :) We had delicious hot chocolate at San Churro :)

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