Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day 7 in Melbourne

I went to the city again.. this time to meet up with Joanna for lunch.. I stopped at Parliament to walk towards Little Bourke Street..

At the Parliament, I saw a couple taking wedding pictures..

I met up with Joanna at Shanghai Village.. The food is not that good, and the cashier tried to rip me off by returning AUD10 less! I look at the amount and said:" Yi?" Then she quickly returned another AUD10 before I said anything further! Then she told her colleague:" Oh, I was about to return AUD10 to the customer but forgot.." How convenient! -_-"

Joanna and I in front of her office..

Then I walked over to St Patrick's Cathedral..

Made use of some rubbish bins as tripod to take pictures..:P

Then I walked over to Royal Exhibition Hall and met the same couple but they've changed! ;)

Then I went over to Melbourne Museum, right behind Royal Exhibition Hall..

Took some pictures at Carlton Gardens..

And headed to Il Dolce Freddo at Lygon Street to taste my favourite Mango Gelati ;)

On the way back to Clayton, I stopped by at Caulfield campus, tried to look for a number of lecturers but they were not in their offices..

Then, I took a walk down memory lane by walking to Holywood Grove.. where I used to stay in 2003.. I actually remembered my way!

Our rented house was quite the same except they added fence + gate, extended a garage and even added second storey!

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