Saturday, October 24, 2009

Day 3 in Sydney

YC and Nannette dropped me at Circular Quay in the morning. My tour guide (Nicholas) then brought us to Watsons Bay by taking the ferry..

On the way, we get to see many beautiful bungalows with yachts.. D*mn those rich people! LOL!

It only took less than 30 minutes to reach Watsons Bay.. which we could also go there by bus, but it'll take longer!

There was an event at Watsons Bay.. Kayak racing!

By the time we finished lunch, the guys who were in the race were packing their belongings to leave Watsons Bay..

We walked over to Sydney Harbour National Park.. with breath-taking view..

Cliff so picturesque, it looks good as a desktop wallpaper.. LOL!

We stopped by Bondi Junction and went over to Congee Beach.. The weather was good..

With many babes, hunks and even kids sun-bathing and playing with ice-cool water!

It was so windy and the water is so cold.. yet the sun is burning.. LOL!

I was told the waves at Bondi Beach is much stronger.. so we didn't get to see surfers at Congee Beach..

I thought Congee Beach was very crowded.. not until I saw Bondi Beach!

It looks like a scene from Baywatch..

The quieter stretch of Bondi Beach.. with many topless chics sunbathing -_-"

Not only the beach was so crowded.. the visitors flooded the grass as well :P

Another scene from Baywatch.. for the female fans! ;)

We then went over to Hurricane's Grill and Bar.. one of the famous locations (a must-go in Sydney!)..

That's the world famous tasty Pork ribs (you could choose Lamb), basted in Hurricane's own special rib sauce and grilled until tender. They called it the Uluru of Ribs!

I couldn't finish even the half rack.. Nicholas ordered full rack for himself.. plus he helped me to finish some of mine as well! LOL! Still, I wasn't say it was that spectacular.. not something I would eat over and over again.. LOL! It was still an experience ;)

I was half dead after the second day in Sydney.. but it was worth it.. to see almost all tourist attraction in the city in one day.. LOL! Today, it was more about visiting 3 main beaches in Sydney.. All thanks to Nicholas - my ex-coursemate! :)


HanLun said...

Aiyo, if i am guai lou who stay in Australia, i dont have 6 pack or chest muscle, i dont dare to shirt off. Else i will be treated as orang utan

Chin Chin said...

Sigh, I so fat, don't dare to even wear one-piece swim suit lar.. not to mention bikini :P

Mystical said...

oh man..*drool*..