Sunday, November 01, 2009

Terry Fox Run

Phaik Hoon, Janice, Ying Joo, Ee Ee and I have participated in Terry Fox Run 2009 at Lake Garden today..

YJ and E4 flew over to KL on Friday night and we went on a eating spree on Saturday.. It's time for us to burn some calories.. by walking 3.5km or 5km -_-"

Janice met her friend at the run :P

The place was crowded.. with most of them wearing the 2009 Terry Fox Run T-shirt (Black in colour).. but since we registered our names on the spot, T-shirts (Size: S, M, L were sold out).. we were left with XS and XL..

Only Phaik Hoon could fit into XS :P So we bought the 2008 version (White in colour) instead..:P

On the way we saw 3 cute Japanese kids marching in front of Team Starbucks :P

At the finishing line, we saw an old man wearing semi-transparent short pants with Dalmatian prints..

We took more pictures after the finishing line..

Feeling bored.. we made many attempts to jump high up in the air.. Many failed attempts..

Before successful ones..

We went over to a shop behind Times Square to eat Chee Cheong Fun for breakfast.. Went home to shower, and then drove over to Pan Min Goon (behind Pappa Rich) in Kuchai Lama to have our lunch ;) We all love it.. E4 even said.. Any other Pan Min will never taste the same anymore.. will never beat the one she had just tasted :P

We rested at home before heading to dinner.. DUH! What's the use of the short walk this morning when we kept eating the whole day!? LOL!

We went to Tong Chi Dao in Sri Petaling for light dinner.. YJ's friend (Jeff) joined us as well..

We tried 10 items.. none really impressive though.. in fact, I think the desserts in K.T.Z. are much better! -_-"

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