Friday, December 18, 2009

My Sister's Graduation

Thanks to my Ah Yee and Yee Chong for taking care of the shop for 3 days.. My parents could then take SIA to Brisbane a day before my sister's convocation, while my brother and I took budget airline (Air Asia X) to Gold Coast and reaching just a couple of hours before her convocation on December 16..

The meal portion was quite small.. The seats were smaller than I expected.. if you paid for extra leg room, may Guan Yin bless you.. because the seat is EVEN smaller since they have to place the tray in the arm rest.. Anyone fatter than me wouldn't be able to fit in there.. But for less than half the price of taking SIA.. one should just endure it ;)

We hired Toyota Corolla for 5 days from Hertz.. My brother drove 1 hour 10 minutes to Brisbane.. The GPS from Navigon was really terrible.. Thank goodness Hertz took it off our bill and we didn't have to pay for GPS rental! :)

My sister's friend wasn't at home so we rented the 2-room apartment for 1 week for the price of AUD300 per week.. which is a bargain! (RM1000/ 5 pax/ 5 nights = RM40 per person per night!)

Off we went to attend my sister's convocation.. we didn't even sleep on the plane (couldn't sleep to be exact.. we couldn't recline the seats)..

UQ (University of Queensland) Centre.. :)

More pictures under the hot hot sun!

The convocation for Faculty of Science :)

My sister graduated with Bachelor of Biotechnology with First Class Honours :) Well done, sis!

More pictures after the ceremony..

My sister and friends and strangers throwing graduation caps in the air -_-"

More pictures around the huge campus! Thanks to Janice for giving my brother and sister a graduation pig (soft toy) each! :)

The research lab where my sister used to work in..

The fourth convocation attended by my parents -_-" (My B.Comp and MIT; my brother's B.Eng; and now my sister's B.Biotech)

Last pictures before my brother and I collapsed in the apartment to sleep soundly!

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