Saturday, December 26, 2009

Day 2 in Cairns

On December 21, we went for half day ATV ride at Blazing Saddles for AUD125 per person..

Going for ATV ride during summer means that we won't have mud all over our clothes.. but ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) kicked up so much dust, sometimes we were riding blindly :P

I actually prefer horse riding to ATV ride, for some reasons, I'm nervous with ATV! I fell down twice -_-"

My sister riding confidently~

My brother riding his ATV!

There were others who went for horse riding at the same place as well..

Beautiful horses ;)

Then, we drove down south to see Curtain Fig Tree.. one of the highly promoted places in Cairns.. but, well, just another tree to me -_-"

As one of the largest trees in North Queensland, the Curtain Fig Tree is unusual.

Need wide angle to snap the whole tree.. or I should stand further.. LOL..

In the evening, we walked around town..

Then the night market..

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