Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Monash Doctoral Colloquium in Langkawi

I went over to Langkawi for a day for Monash Doctoral Conference - thanks to Monash for sponsoring the trip ;)

It's a three-day conference, but I couldn't stay for the remaining two days as I'm heading to Gold Coast, Australia..

I presented my PhD research :)

The rooms which the staffs and students stayed in (1 or 2 guests per room) at Holiday Villa..

After the conference, Esther and I passed by the swimming pool and went to walk around the beach by the hotel..

I didn't bring my swim suit since it's a one-day trip plus.. everyone's wearing bikini and I don't have any -_-" Plus, I'm too fat to look good in one -_-"

The sand is soft and clean.. but as usual, it's hot and the sea water is quite muddy..

The sun was shining too brightly..

There were many activities on the beach as usual..

We took many pictures at the beach..

Took pictures of the tiny crabs as well..

It's always nice to look at sunset :)

Buffet dinner at the hotel.. the food was.. below average.. in fact, I'd prefer McDonald's than eating at the restaurant.. the dishes were either too salty.. or just.. tasteless.. even the water tasted weird..

I was supposed to leave Langkawi at 10.40pm (on Air Asia) but as usual, there was delay again.. and I ended up reaching home at almost 2:00am.. stupid Air Asia!


Medie007 said...

nice place indeed!
so you're doing phD in Monash eh?

Chin Chin said...

Yeah, doing it part time since March 2007.. still stuck! LOL