Monday, December 28, 2009

Day 4 in Cairns

On December 23, we joined Raging Thunder for XTREME Tully Full Day White Water Rafting at AUD225 per person.. The water at Tully River was crystal clear!

It proved to be the most enjoyable (and most expensive) activity out of all the things we have done in Cairns.. It was my second water rafting experience.. previous water rafting was in Sabah where the water was like the colour of milk tea -_-"

We did activities like body surfing, rock jumping, rapid swimming and raft surfing..

That's rock jumping from 2 to 3 storeys high..

That was my sister screaming while jumping down.. (Well, obviously I screamed when I jumped too.. LOL)

That's body surfing through Grade 2 rapids.. I was trying to multi-task: 1. Trying to breathe 2. Coughing out water I accidentally drank 3. Trying to swim out of the crashing waves and swirling rapids 4. Taking a picture (I was under water for less than 10 seconds)

Our guide (Kris) told us that if we try to body surf through Grade 4 rapids.. we might be under water for 40 seconds! Yikes!

Our guide loved to flip the boat upside down -_-" That's my brother being washed away by rapids.. All I did was taking a picture of him :P Nah, the water was quite gentle on him ;)

Of course, posing for camera was equally important.. even though the boat was about to flip over..

Enjoying the waterfall..

Our guide, 3 of our team mates from Sweden, and the 3 of us from Malaysia ;)

Our guide - Kris.. It was a fun trip.. all the guides were humourous :P

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