Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 8 in Japan

We dropped by to visit SH's campus in the morning.. The University of Tokyo - Kashiwa Campus..

SH's school is known as School of Frontier Science.. Yeah.. I know, it's stressful just standing in front of the sign..

The designs made me feel that.. it's a place where it's ALL WORK and NO PLAY~

Of course, the next logical thing to do to de-stress.. is to visit Tokyo Disneyland.. :)

WC has a weak heart and she doesn't enjoy adventurous rides, so instead of Disney Sea, we opted for Disneyland :) Wouldn't want to waste money going in and not playing ALL the rides!

There's a shop before the ticketing booth in case visitors would want to buy souvenirs.. in fact, KK told us that Tokyo Disneyland is the most money-making Disneyland in the world.. I heard that the one in Paris is losing money every year!

We wanted to take pictures with the pig but we just.. couldn't fight with so many little kids...

Then, we spotted Cinderella and Fairy God Mother and KK showed a very very shocked and disappointed expression... I guessed she imagined Cinderella differently :P

As expected, too many kids were fighting for Cinderella's attention, so we took pictures with poor Fairy God Mother instead :P

We thought he's one of the 7 dwarves.. Nah, he is the old pirate with Captain Hook in Peter Pan's show!

We managed to block some kids and took pictures with Pinocchio..

Disneyland here we come~ KK said her friend came over to Disneyland and cried because she was too touched that her childhood favourite characters came to life -_-".......... *speechless*

Guests enjoy 5-star customer service in Tokyo Disneyland.. Whenever you hold up a map, within 3 seconds, someone will be there to assist you! We managed to watch the parade at 2:00pm..

I think the Prince (minus the hair) is kinda.. good looking :P *drool*

Again, I think the prince is quite.. charming.. *drool*

The performers were really really enthusiastic..

They looked like they really put in 100% effort to entertain the guests...

We went on a small ride.. I was too lazy to drive..

The waiting queue just to go into Pooh's World is 70 to 80 minutes -_-" There was also this ridiculous One-Chance-Per-Day lotto or some sort which we.. weren't lucky enough to get it.. it's not like we'll try again another day! It's not like we go Disneyland all the time! Duh!

We dragged our tired feet around to see various shows... KK fell asleep during the 3D Show.. The show was based on the 1989 movie - Honey, I Shrunk the Kids..

We went to see yet another parade (Easter Wonderland) at about 4:30pm..

What's Easter without cute bunnies? ;)

Approaching sunset at around 5:00pm...

Little Japanese girls dressed like their favourite Disney characters can been seen everywhere..

Even the cleaner is so talented.. drawing Dumbo with a broom and water.. (at first I thought he was drawing a dwarf before I noticed the elephant trunk.. Thanks to KK for telling me).. LOL! :P

At around 7:00pm, we watched Minnie! Oh! Minnie!.. As expected, KK fell asleep again...

Then, at around 7:30pm, we rushed over to see Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade!

Finally.. Snow White appeared! :P

It was nice looking at these decorations! So much effort put into it...

Fireworks at 8:30pm... nothing spectacular..

We returned to SH's house after that to pack our luggage.. returning to Malaysia the very next day!

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