Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day 1 in Japan

KK and I used MAS Frequent Flyer (Enrich) points to exchange for our air ticket.. we only paid about RM650 per person for airport tax (to and fro).. accommodation is free (stayed at SH's place) except for 3000 Yen (RM103) for a night in Kyoto, transportation cost is the killer.. 28,300 Yen (RM1061) for a 7-days JR pass for unlimited train rides (including Shinkansen - Bullet Train).. Food wise, it was quite affordable as we went for 100 Yen McPork, 270 Yen Yoshinoya Beef Rice etc~

Thanks to SH, LF and KK for planning our itinerary.. couldn't have done it without you girls ;)

We departed from KLIA on April 2, not knowing that the '1 stop' printed on our air ticket (itinerary) actually meant.. we had to really make 1 stop before reaching Narita Airport.. it wasn't clear on the MAS online booking system.. we didn't know we actually had to stop at Kota Kinabalu for 1 hour before flying to Narita.. So, we did what 3 bored women would do when they were stuck on the plane.. taking pictures! :P

We reached Narita Airport at about 7.30pm.. We were given a form to fill on the plane.. little did we know that there was another form to fill at the airport before going through custom gate..

We waited for SH at the airport.. it was quite chilly outdoor but comfortable ;)

SH's rented studio apartment is located in Edogawadai.. near to her university (The University of Tokyo - Kashiwa Campus).. It is about 7 minutes walk to the train station and then about 40 minutes to the city..

SH's place is so tidy and squeaky clean!

We slept early on Day 1 to prepare ourselves for our trip to Nikko the next day..

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