Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 5 in Japan

Day 5 is a much relaxed day as we were quite tired (due to old age.. Ha!).. We started off with visiting Ueno Park..

It is a spacious park where most visitors go there to admire Sakura or to have picnic..

 Some even brought their.. soft toys along for.. picnic..

We walked outside of the Ueno Zoo... eating ice-cream because the weather is considerably hotter (at 18 degree celsius) than the previous days..

We then saw what looks like.. Amber Chia when she posted for saving-the-animals campaign :P In fact, When KK saw this lady in tiger suit.. she shouted:" Amber Chia!" so loudly until WC was asking:" Where?"

 Sakura is everywhere.. even on top of a car! :P

After Ueno Park, we went to Asakusa..

There were many stalls and we bought some souvenirs again.. they were mostly cheaper in Kyoto except for a number of items...

100 Yen for 3 of the 人型烧.. I think they are called Dorayaki? Doraemon's favourite food? Anyway, I love them! I bought 6 of them.. it's nicer to eat when it's fresh from the oven.. Now I'm hungry thinking about it..

We squeezed through the crowd.. trying quite a few types of food along the way..

They are probably celebrities in Japan.. I don't know who they are but they have many camera crew, assistant and huge crowd taking their pictures.. So, I assumed they must be somebody famous :P

Next, we went over to the garden next to Imperial Palace..

And, stood outside the palace gate to take pictures..

We walked around to see Nijubashi Bridge, Sakashitamon Gate, and Sakuradamon..

Next, we went to Tokyo Tower right before sunset.. to see both sunset view and night scenes of Tokyo ;)

It costs about 820 Yen per person just to go half way up the tower.. and another fee if you go up even higher..

We took pictures of the surrounding.. before sunset..

During sunset..

And, of course, after sunset ;)

The tower looks great when it's brightly lit..

We had our dinner at Yoshinoya.. not only their food tasted better than their branches in Malaysia and Singapore.. the food is cheap as well.. 270 Yen for beef bowl during their promotional week (usual price of 380 Yen) plus green tea.. Their services were faster than being first in line in McDonald's! Fast, cheap and delicious...

We went home to take some rest after dinner ;)

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Karyn said...

I had a pork bowl in Yoshinoya which costs 330 yen and it is extremely delicious!!! We can never find it in Malaysia!