Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 7 in Japan

We went to Hakone to enjoy hotspring on Day 7..

Do note that you have to go completely naked in the hotspring area (outdoor) with many other women and little girls..

It took a lot of courage to go completely naked in front of your friends.. Haha! We behaved exactly like tourists because all the other women (from age of 6 to 70) had no problems walking around the hotspring area completely naked.. All we had was a small face towel.. Either to cover 'up there', or 'down there' or.. better still, just cover your face! :P

The one we went to is called Tenzan Onsen.. After dipping inside the hotspring for too long.. we felt really exhausted.. After we were fully clothed, WC couldn't wait to leave the hotspring but accidentally walked into the male changing room.. she saw a grandpa completely naked and could not erase that scary image from her memory :P

We walked around to hunt for food for lunch and most of them were expensive.. so we ended up having instant noodles at 7-11 :P

Next, we took the train and visited Odawara Castle..

Then, we took Shinkansen to return to Tokyo for dinner + karaoke with SH and her friends..

The song list is really thick... but they have plenty of Japanese, Korea, English, Chinese, German, French songs.. you name it, they most probably have them!

The system grades your performance after each song... *pressured*

SH brought her younger friends from the same university.. they was a local Japanese guy (Shogu), a Malaysian-Vietnamese guy from France (Anthony), a Finnish (Yuho Juho), a Malaysian guy (Fido), a French (Lionel), a German (Tony) and the rest of us ;)

SH ordered plenty of food for us.. this is pickled eggplant.. too sour for me!

Rice in tea? Quite delicious though!

A typical fried udon.. delicious as well ;)

Don't know what this is called but it's unique.. quite tasty as well..

Don't know what this is called either, but let's just name it.. nasi goreng + mi goreng pattaya.. :P

We had a bit of plum liqueur as well ;) Thanks everyone! :)


Karyn said...

The small towel is actually enough for us to cover both up n down there ok....

And... another minor correction, the Finnish guy's name is spelled as "Juho" but pronounced as "Yuho".

Chin Chin said...

Ya, cover up and down.. but exposed behind.. so u either wrap it around your waist to cover front + back of your bottom.. or just cover 'up there' and 'down there'.. front part only :P