Monday, May 10, 2010

Day 1 in Krabi

After my trip to Japan, I've headed to Krabi (Thailand) with another group of friends. I'm thankful that both trips were planned by my friends because I really didn't have the energy and enthusiasm to plan this time round. My friends in Japan are completing their studies end of this year, so this is the LAST year we can get FREE accommodation.. so, might as well go when Sakura is at full bloom in April..

I have first known this group of friends in May, 2000.. Ai Tee wasn't in this picture and we took the picture with 2 of our tour guides (One of them named 'Neng'). We have decided to celebrate our.. 10th anniversary in May, 2010.. We were about to head to Redang for 3D2N but it is more costly than going to Krabi for 4D3N! At RM299 per person with See Tho Travel, we get to stay 4D3N in Krabi La Playa Resort, two-way airport transfer, 1 lunch, 3 days buffet breakfast, 1 hour full body massage, half day Krabi tour, 4 island-hopping and snorkelling and lunch! The air fare itself is RM300 per person on Air Asia

Our late lunch choices on Day 1 include Duck Noodle Soup and Thai Fried Rice (more like tea time already).. the fried rice is quite alright, the duck soup is tasty.. but can't say much about the noodle and the duck though..

We were then brought to Tiger Cave and Wat Tham Suea..
We took a number of pictures at the temple...

We were then brought to a souvenir shop where we purchased a number of things.. LOL!

Our tour guides then sent us to our resort.. Krabi La Playa Resort.. The hotel is quite nice.. considering that we only paid about less than RM40 per person per night...

We then walked to the nearest beach to have our dinner at one of the well-known restaurants there.. We saw two couples taking their wedding pictures and decided that we should mimic them..

It was a failure since I look like I was trying to take a dump... when the groom at the back looked like he was squatting down fashionably...

And, took some silly shots of us jumping up and down ;)

Happy 10th Anniversary, girls! Friends forever! ;) *Hugs*

Wang Sai Restaurant was frequently talked about in blogs because it is reasonably priced (From RM10 per dish) and the food is quite tasty.

We had Blue Crab in Curry Sauce (the sauce is really delicious) for about RM25, Vegetable in Thai Herb, Seafood Tom Yam (unfortunately, this is a disappointment to be avoided), and Grilled Squid with Garlic (quite delicious)..

After dinner, all sweaty and tired, we walked to Ao Nang to window shop before we called it a day..

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