Saturday, September 19, 2009

What Happened To Our Family House

We had to vacate our family house to stay in a small flat nearby.. Life has been tough.. what happened to our family house?

My mom and my brother were inspecting the damage..

Our living room..

The staircase..

The dining room..

The kitchen..

My brother looked sadly at what used to be our study room..

What used to be my sister + my room..

My brother's bedroom..

Our shared washroom.. sob.. Where we used to brush our teeth.. where we used to knock on each other's door to annoy one another..

My parent's room for the past two decades..

It's all gone now.. what's left is our memory of what used to be our home..

The renovation should be completed by January next year.. Till then, donation is still welcomed :P


ChinLin said...

=( finished in Jan?? not Dec?? I don't want to stay in Taman Mas =X

Chin Chin said...

Muahaha, u MUST experience staying in Taman Mas!

Chong said...

Your writing style has become more lame @.@