Friday, September 04, 2009

Dinner at Monash

I've changed my hairstyle.. This time I've straightened it and dyed it dark.. I hope I do look younger this time! Haha! (Younger than my younger sister!)

I went to Monash in the evening to meet up with my supervisor. Her room is situated on the top floor, overlooking Phase 2 of the campus.. If I'm not mistaken, the construction should be finished by 2012.. In the near future, convocation will be held within the campus, instead of Sunway Lagoon Resort Hotel..

For some reason, we have free buffet dinner in Monash Sunway again.. I wasn't there for the dinner, but to meet my supervisors and to submit my paper for a conference in Melbourne.. But, since I was there, I might as well eat, too, right? LOL!

So much food, not many of us.. Wuahahah.. I'm going to have free buffet dinner at Monash again next week :P

The first batch of Master of International Business (MIB) students will be graduating tomorrow :)

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InfanT said...

U look really young, like SPM student