Wednesday, September 09, 2009

35th PCGHS (KL and Selangor) Alumni Dinner

10 of us were fortunate to attend sponsored dinner at Imperial Garden Restaurant in PJ for our high school alumni dinner (35th anniversary for KL & Selangor branch). The dinner costs RM70 per person but we don't have to pay anything! What's the catch? Well, to join as member (lifetime membership), we need to pay RM102. But, we don't have to join if we don't want to.. Hehe.. (See you eat so much, take so many freebies, dare to not pay or not? :P)

The girls at Table #16.

We're almost the youngest in the entire dining hall.

I think the place is quite nicely decorated and the location is strategic, right beside Federal Highway, next to Armada Hotel.

In fact, the food is quite delicious as well!

Ermm.. trying to look younger? ;)

Later, there was a competition to see which table of guests manage to come out with the most number of items in green.. We brought our green Jusco card, batteries, hair accessories, ear rings, even green chili to the stage..

Obviously, no one else is more kiasu than us.. We won 5 packets of instant noodles each. LOL!

5 out of 10 of us at the table won something from the lucky draw. That's the door gift (each of us has one) and a hamper of junk food won by Joan Ann.

Obviously, I'm never lucky at lucky draws.. knowing that I won't be winning anything without hard work, Janice and I took part in another competition called 'Step on empty tin can and shake at the same time'.. We couldn't produce many flat tin can but we danced like nobody's business and won a bottle of perfume + RM10 dining voucher each :P

We joined as new member - youngest of all on the stage I assume. LOL!

Group picture with other new members and the organising committee members. :)

We had great fun during the dinner - lots of shouting, laughing and crazy moment! We shall plan more activities in the future :)

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Mystical said...

wahahhah.. cool~~ din know they got organize in KL d. Btw, nice hairstyle wor. A bit not used to it yet, but chio ar~ *wheewwit*