Thursday, September 10, 2009

Han Lun and Nicholas' Birthdays Celebration

It was Nicholas' (intern) 21st birthday on September 5 and Han Lun's 25th birthday on September 8. We went to The Chicken Rice Shop (again) to celebrate their birthdays.

We bought Pandan Cake from Baker's Cottage.. Many of us surrounded the birthday boys and sang birthday song.

Then, they cut their birthday cake.

Little did they know that Yoon Onn suggested a prank on them.. He bought disposable briefs for them where we write and draw on the briefs..

Han Lun and his disposable brief filled with our well wishes.. LOL!

Then we showed him his actual birthday gift :P

He seems to be more excited about the disposable briefs than his birthday gift - 8Gb SD Memory card for his DSLR. :)


Chong said...

There goes my innocent and clean image >.<

HanLun said...

:D was excited during photography session..LOL .. but has thrown aside now

Now excited on taking RAW photo :P

Chong said...

HL : Frame it up la. Waste my effort only. :P