Monday, August 24, 2009

Simon's Nephew's Full Moon Dinner

Simon's cousin's son is 1 month old.. this is the grandest one-month old party I've ever attended? 22 tables in a Chinese restaurant in Klang.. 220 guests attending full moon dinner!

Similar to 'standard' Chinese wedding dinner.. instead of starting at 7:00pm, the first dish was served at 8:30pm.. According to Chinese custom, when a baby turns one month old, a ceremony is held to celebrate his first full moon. This coincides with the end of the mother's confinement period, and both mother and baby are formally introduced to the extended family and friends for the first time. Before the unveiling party, the baby goes through a host of customaries. Once that is over, a party is held to celebrate the health of the baby. Relatives and friends gather to give their blessings and gifts to the new baby, and traditional treats such as ang ku kueh and red eggs are featured.

Since we were hungry, we ate about 3 hard-boiled eggs each.. Simon removed the egg yolk and carved an eye because he was too free..

There were 9 dishes all together.. the food is quite alright but the dishes were out too slow..

The first dish!

There! Simon's cousin's son.. I don't even know his name :P

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Memang is grandest :) The york =.=""