Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Dog Day at Chin Woo Stadium

On Sunday, Simon and I went to pick up Janice from KL Sentral after she took a bus from LCCT.. We then went over to Chin Woo Stadium near Petaling Street for Dog Day! We met Lisa Lau (ex-intern) at the stadium too!

That's my future pet dog - Beagle.. It's the same breed in Underdog, Rusty: A Dog's Tale, Shiloh as well as Cats and Dogs!

Cute dogs.. Are those Chi Hua Hua?

Nice Golden Retrievers.. NO, Simon Hoh, for the last time, I'm NOT going to have Golden Retriever as my future pet dog.. they shed too much fur!

The world is so small.. that is Janice's sister's boyfriend's sister and Pug.. We only found out after I upload the photo on Facebook and Junnie (Janice's sister) saw it! LOL!

Is that a Spaniel? Very nicely groomed..

Chairs are meant for dogs, not human..

You know, I used to complain that our Pug (in Penang) is too fat.. but I guess after seeing this dog (the image above).. Milo (our Pug) is quite thin huh? LOL..

This Labrador Retriever won best dressed dog.. poor thing.. what a clown :P

Fat Chow Chow.. Wait.. I think Chow Chows are supposed to look like that.. LOL!

This lil' cute girl and her mini pinscher.. she always pose for pictures whenever anyone points any camera at her! Wahhaha!

Sit! Simon! Sit! :P

On our way back.. That's Janice and her backpack :)

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