Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Red Eye After Intralase LASIK

Warning: This post may be disturbing to those who can't look at red patches on the white of the eye after intralase LASIK! LOL!

Well, I wasn't informed that I'll have these red patches (due to the use of suction ring during intralase LASIK). It will only go off in 2 to 4 weeks (Not to worry, it doesn't hurt). Meanwhile, I just do not want to scare away too many people.. LOL. My cousin - Dr. Marc Wei (LASIK surgeon in Brisbane) assures me that it's perfectly normal to have these red patches -_-"

Day 1: OMG, I was so worried I went online to check if there's any picture showing how RED these red patches are supposed to be.. can't seem to find any picture to compare with..

Day 2: I consulted my surgeon (Dr. Shamala) and she said my eyes are doing fine. Still, I took pictures of my eyes and sent them to my cousin for second opinion. My vision was 25 (shortsightedness) for both eyes and 50/75 for astigmatism! It'll continue to fluctuate until the redness subsides..

Day 3: First day at work, and managed to scare SL and Charisma. HL, Mao and KK said they can.. accept the way I.. look :P

Day 4: Haven't been going out for dinner for many days.. asked Simon to buy takeaways for me!

Day 5: Went to the club house to visit Simon's parents with RED eyes..

Day 6: Birthday party at work, had to explain to many colleagues about my eyes but still managed to influence a few to go for LASIK :P

Day 7: Went for another eye check up.. supposingly 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 1 year after surgery.. Dr. Shamala said my eyes are recovering as expected.. My vision was 50 and 75 (shortsightednes); 75 and 100 for astigmatism!

Day 8: I thought my eyes look less scary today so I went to order food myself at a mamak store.

An Indian waiter, around 180cm of height, well-built, took my order:

Waiter: Makan apa? (What would you like to eat?)
Me: Maggi Goreng (Fried noodles)
Waiter: Kenapa mata you? (What's wrong with your eyes?)
Me: Err.. operation..
Waiter: Tengok mata you pun I takut (I'm so scared looking at your eyes)

I thought I should be the one feeling scared.. I mean his appearance is quite intimidating.. but can you imagine I scared off a guy who could easily crush my bones? LOL!

Day 9: My eyes were really dry and I bought GenTeal Eye Gel from Dr. Shamala..

Hopefully the redness will subside in another 1 to 2 weeks!


Mystical said...

speedy recovery k.. *hugz*

Ciyou said...

seriously i was shocked on the 1st... like very serious eye problem....

hope u recover soon. take care

Cheryl said...

woo woo woo.. T.T.. thanks!

LYCIA said...

o..just saw this post abt your red eye. seems serious. i also got red patches but not that obvious.
Hope you recover soon. take care and rest more on your eye. try to rest your eye every 20 mins after facing pc. =)

Cheryl said...

Hey Lycia.. sob.. T.T yours is less serious? Why is mine so serious T.T Probably because my surgeon placed the suction ring TWICE on my right eye.. causing more severe redness -_-" Oh ya, must rest my eyes now :P

HanLun said...

Yeah lo
Recover so fast :)
hahaa.. Geng geng

chekdenoor said...


i baru sahaja buat lasik multifokus pax di optimax sabtu lepas, 20jun. pada mulanya saya sepatutnya buat 2 belah mata tetapi semasa operation, doktor dapati mata kiri saya ada hanya sempat buat lasik di mata kanan sahaja. Setelah 4hari berlalu, saya merasai kesusahan untuk fokus bacaan dekat. Saya sedang berusaha untuk buat katerak operation dimasa terdekat di optimax taman tun......

Bagaimana mutu penglihatan cheryl sekarang? Adakah ianya lebih baik dari sebelum anda buat lasik?

Cheryl said...

Hi Chek, Doktor sepatutnya check sama ada mata u ada cataract SEBELUM pembedahan. Saya telah buat intralase LASIK untuk rabun jarak dekat + astig, jadi saya tak tau sangat mengenai multifokus. Penglihatan I tak berapa jelas untuk minggu 1. Hari ini hari ke-12 selepas LASIK, mata kiri I lihat dengan jelas sekali tetapi mata kanan masih sikit blur. Doktor I kata penglihatan saya hanya akan jelas selepas 2-4 minggu. I sudah balik kerja (tengok computer screen) hari ke-3 selepas LASIK. Sebelum ini, I tak boleh pandu kereta tanpa cermin mata! Nak tengok jam dinding selepas bangun pun tak boleh! Now I can! :) Anyway, all the best to u yeah!

shirls said...

wow, yeah just got lasik a day ago and was surprised by my red eyes as well.

thank you for posting your pics as i wasn't 100% sure this was common part of the procedure.

i've been trying not to scare people on the bus or at work either. lol.

Cheryl -_-" said...

They didn't inform you about red eye as well? Nobody told me before the procedure! LOL. But it's all worth it. Love my life now without specs. LOL

shirls said...

nope. i read up on it online and the office's website had no mention of it.

would have prepared me for looking in the mirror that first time =)

Nombre said...

Hi Cheryl.... don´t know where country you are located, but I have seen tons of surgerys with femtosecond laser (work on a clinic in Spain). Don´t be afraid, it is completely normal, vision fluctuation by the way has nothing to do with the redness in the white part of your eye (sclera). It is actually the cornea (transparent layer) which is la little bit inflamated right after surgery and while coming back to the normal state produces little fluctuation in vision. Cheers to your new vision!

Cheryl -_-" said...

Thanks Nombre :) I'm in Malaysia. It has been 1 year 10 months since my LASIK. So far so good :) Just a bit of dry eyes every now and then. Nothing a few lubricating eye drops can't fix. Cheers to new vision! :)