Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 4 in Taiwan

On Day 4, we checked out from High Wharf after breakfast. Vincent's friends came to pick us up.

They brought us to Shitoushan Park. Shitoushan is a foothill on the border of Miaoli and Hsinchu Counties. It has beautiful dense forests and rugged rocks.
The place used to be an off-limit area for the public in the olden days while the community on the island was still under the control of Chiang's regime.

The "Twin Candlesticks" rocks which can be seen from afar.

Ermm.. pretending to be sandwiched by "Twin Candlesticks"....

A group photo taken at the scenic spot.

After that, we went over to Ah Xie seafood restaurant in Ye Liu for lunch. The seafood dishes were fresh and quite tasty.

Later in the evening, we went over to ermm... somewhere (40 minutes drive from Taipei city) for dinner and karaoke.

After that, we checked into another hostel room in National Taiwan Normal University.. with 4 of us staying in one room, costing about TWD1,900 per night. This hostel imposes curfew (i.e. 11.30pm).

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