Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 3 in Phuket

On Day 3, we went for Island Safari tour... we paid 700 Baht per person for hotel transfer, 30 minutes elephant trekking, elephant show, monkey show, rice farming demonstration, orchid farm, ox-cart riding, and fruits for lunch...

 I couldn't believe I actually sat on the ox-cart.. LOL

I also couldn't believe I sat on a buffalo for photo taking...

I fed bananas to a greedy elephant...

And, we went for elephant trekking under the hot sun... the guides provide umbrella in case we needed one.

We then watched elephant show and elephant.. Thai massage.. :P

The elephant posed for photo taking as well :)

The monkey show was simple.. we were then served fruits.. Unfortunately, we were ONLY served one banana and one mangosteen per person! How is that sufficient for lunch? -_-" We asked about orchid farm as it was included in our package and the guide said he would bring us to the orchid farm later. However, we were sent to our hotel after monkey show.. *Disappointed*

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